Who We Are

While technology may not be your area of expertise, we know how import it is in your everyday life.  Total Tech was founded in August 2009 by three partners.  We believed that our customer service background combined with our love and knowledge of technology could provide the best solutions available to customers in these economically challenging times.  From our office in Elgin, South Carolina, we provide on-site services throughout our great state.

At Total Tech, we don’t think there’s anything more important than helping you do what you do best, so we’ve devoted our lives to developing solutions that allow you to stretch your resources further.  We’re not just any computer company; we’re a partner who understands your challenges, shares your values, and does what it takes to help you succeed.  Why?  Because you deserve someone who’ll take care of you without any hold ups.

Who Is Total Tech?

To create ultimate, long lasting solutions that provide a sound technology structure for a growing unique customer base.

To provide the best available resources to our growing customer base while creating everlasting relationships and installing a sense of family throughout all solutions created and provided.

To provide excellent customer service and satisfaction by providing effective solutions with a minimal impact to the bottom line for your business. Allowing your business to gain access to a team of IT professionals without the cost of a dedicated IT department!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Stephen Wilson, Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Wilson
CEO & President
Austin Royal, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Austin Royal
V.P. Sales & Marketing

Matthew Moorehead, Vice President Technology Operations

Matthew Moorehead
V.P. Technology Operations

Partners you can count on!

By working with the best-of-the-best in the technology field, Total Tech can offer the latest cutting-edge technology solutions.  Our list of partners continues to grow as we evaluate emerging technologies and seek to deliver incredible value and amazing products to our unique clients.

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